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Peter A Zientara

paz117 at

Ph.D./CSE, in progress

Sumita George

Ph.D./CSE, in progress

Srivatsa Rangachar Srinivasa

sxr5403 at

Ph.D./CSE, in progress

Jinhang Choi

jpc5731 at

Ph.D./CSE, in progress

Eric Homan

eehoman at

Ph.D./CSE, Cognitive systems (co-advised with John Sustersic)

Nico Jao

Ph.D./EE, In Progress (co-advised with Sumeet Gupta)

Ikenna J. Okafor

izo5011 at

MS, in progress

Donghyun Kim

BS (Honors), in progress

Christopher Pratt

cmp6048 at

BS (Honors), in progress

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Xueqing Li

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Gus Smith

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Wei-Yu Tsai

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Kaisheng Ma

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Madhu Mutyam

Postdoctoral Research Alumni

2007-08. Currently Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Kevin Irick

Postdoctoral Researcher and Ph.D. Alumni

2009-16, Research Associate, Smart Camera Systems

Ph.D./CSE, A Configurable Platform for Sensor and Image Processing (Awarded Bunton-Waller and Alfred Sloan Fellowship during Ph.D.) (MDL)

MS/CSE, Embedded Face Detection, May 2005

Michael Debole

Postdoctoral Researcher and Ph.D. Student at Penn State

2011, Research Associate, Configurable Systems

Ph.D./CSE, Configurable Accelerators for Video Analytics (co-advised with Dr. Xie)

Currently at IBM, Almaden

Yongseok Jin

Postdoctoral Researcher at MDL

2010, Research Associate, Biologically Inspired Vision Systems

Luan Dian

Postdoctoral Researher at MDL

2010-11, Post Doctoral Student, Custom Accelerators

Hyun Suk Kim

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Energy-Aware Hardware and Software Optimizations, August 2004 (Samsung Electronics, Korea) (co-advised with Dr. Irwin)

Soontae Kim

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, High Performance and Low Power Cache Architectures, December 2003 (Associate Professor, KAIST, Korea)

Jie Hu

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Architectural and Compiler Support for Energy Efficient Caches, August 2004 (Intel, Portland)

Lin Li

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Designing Energy Efficient and Reliable Caches and Interconnects, August 2005 (Intel, Portland)(co-advised with Dr. Irwin)

Yuh-Fang Tsai

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Leakage Energy Modeling, August 2005 (Microsemi, Taiwan)

Vijay Degalahal

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D/CSE, Soft Errors; Modeling and Interactions with Power Optimizations, August 2005 (Intel, Bangalore)

Hendra Saputra

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Security issues in embedded systems, August 2005 (co-advised with Dr.Kandemir)(Institute of Information Research, Singapore)

Theo Theocharides

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D/CSE, Application Specific Multiprocessor Systems on Chip, December 2005 (University of Cyprus)

Jooheung Lee

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./EE, VLSI Architectures for Video Processing, August 2006 (co-advised with Dr. Jenkins, Electrical Engineering) (Hongik University, South Korea)

Greg Link

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Thermal Issues in Next Generation Microprocessors, August 2006 (Awarded CAC Fellowship during Ph.D.) (University of York)

Aman Gayasen

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Power-Aware FPGAs, Dec 2006 (co-advised with Dr. Kandemir) (Synopsys)

Matthew Pirretti

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Secure Embedded and Mobile Systems (Motorola)

Rajaraman Ramanarayanan

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./EE, Soft Errors in Logic and Memory Systems (Intel, Bangalore)

Ing-Chao Lin

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, High-Level Power and Reliability Estimation (co-advised with Dr. Irwin) (NCKU, Taiwan)

Suresh Srinivasan

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Power-Aware Robust FPGA Systems, 2007 (Intel, Bangalore)

Chrysostomos Nicopoulus

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./EE, Architectural Innovations for for On Chip Networks (University of Cyprus) 2008 EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award (co-advised with K. Jenkins)

Jung Sub Kim

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./EE, Algorithm-Architecture Co-Design for Signal Processing Systems (Samsung)

Andrew Ricketts

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Towards Minimizing the Adverse Effects of Temperature on High Performance Digital Systems. (Availink Inc)

Ramakrishnan Krishnan

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./EE, Analyzing Failures in Nanoscale Devices (co-advised with Dr. Suman Datta) (TSMC, Taiwan)

Prasanth Mangalagiri

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, A Reliability and Process Variation Aware Design flow for Platform FPGAS (Co-advised with Dr. Xie) (Intel, Santa Clara)

Soumya Eachempati

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, FPGA Architectures in Emerging Technologies (co-advised with Dr. Yuan Xie) (Intel, Portland)

Aditya Yanamandra

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Reliability-Power Tradeoffs in On-Chip Networks (co-advised with Dr. Irwin) (Intel, Portland)

Sungmin Bae

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Closing the gap between FPGAs and ASICs: The applications of clock skew scheduling to FPGA (Samsung, Korea)

Niranjan Soundararjan

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Analyzing Architectural Vulnerability Factor (co-advised with Dr. Sivasubramaniam) (Intel, Portland)

Vinay Saripalli

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Device and Architecture Co-Design for Ultra-Low Power Logic Using Emerging Tunneling-Based devices (Co-advised with Dr. S. Datta) (Intel, Santa Clara)

Srinidhi Kestur

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./EE, Automated Generation of Signal Processing Systems (co-advised with Dr. Datta)(Google)

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Accelerating Cortical Processing for Real Time Neuromorphic Vision Systems (ETRI, Taiwan)

Ahmed Al Maashri

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Accelerating Design and Implementation of Embedded Vision Systems (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)

Sungho Park

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Leveraging Reconfigurable Architectures for Large Scale Real-time Video Analytics (Intel, Sacremento).

Melvin Eze

Ph.D. Alumni


Misun Park

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Configurable Architectures (Intel)

Yang Xiao

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Object Recognition Architectures (Synopsys)

Karthik Swaminathan

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, An examination of architectures using Steep Slope devices (IBM Watson)

Cong Xu

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Modeling, Circuit Design, and Microarchitectural Optimization of Emerging Resistive Memory (Co-Advised with Dr. Yuan Xie)

Huichu Liu

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./EE, Low Power Devices and Circuit Interactions (Intel)

Matthew Cotter

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Enabling Intelligent Vision Systems in a Configurable Multi-Algorithm Pipeline (Applied Research Labs)

Siddarth Advani

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Large-Scale Object Recognition for Embedded Wearable Platforms (Samsung Research)

Moon Seok Kim

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Digital/Mixed-Signal Circuit Designs With Steep Slope Tunnel Transistors (Intel, Sacremento)

Chris S. Lee

Ph.D. Alumni

 Ph.D./CSE, Data Dependent Optimization Vision Architecture

Nandini Chandramoorthy

Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D./CSE, Heterogenous Multiprocessor Architectures (IBM Watson)

Anupama Murthy

MS Alumni

MS/CSE, Memory System Characterization of Java Applications, May 2000 (at Helwett Packard, Bay Area)

Rajendra Athavale

MS Alumni

MS/CSE, Annotation Based Energy Optimization for Java, December 2000 (at Dell, Austin)

Tendai P. Chinoda

MEng Alumni

MS/CSE, Protecting Java Applications Against Decompilation via Control Flow Obfuscation, December 2000 (At IBM, Pittsburgh)

Samarjeet Tomar

 MS/CSE, Characterizing and Optimizing Memory Energy in Java, May 2001

Jeyran Hezavei

MS/CSE, Power Modeling and Optimization of Memories and Functional Units , May 2001 (co-advised with Dr. Irwin) (CTO at DigicomCore, Laussane)

Gandhi Thirugnanam

MS/CSE, Low Power Content Addressable Memory Design, May 2001 (US Patent and Trademark Office)

David Charles

MS/CSE, Improving ILP with Instruction Reuse Cache Hierarchy, May 2001 (Co-advised with Dr. Hurson) (at PMC-Sierra)

Jun Zhao

MS/CSE, Influence of MPEG-4 Parameters on System Energy, August 2001 (at Synospys, CA)

Preeti Garg

MEng/CSE, Implementation of a Java Accelerator:  Interfacing the Java Virtual Machine with the FPGA, August 2001

Nandagopal Kirubanandan

MS/CSE, Memory Energy Characterization and Optimization of SPEC2000 Benchmarks, December 2001 (co-advised with Dr. Sivasubramaniam)

Balaji Viswanathan

MS/CSE, OS Paging Issues for DRAM Energy Management, December 2001 (Co-advised with Dr. Sivasubramaniam)

Xiheng Xu

MS/CSE, Evaluating Energy-Efficiency of Channel Coders, May 2002 (co-advised with Dr. Irwin)

Hendra Saputra

MS/CSE, Compiler-directed Voltage Scaling for Reducing Energy, December 2001 (co-advised with Dr. Kandemir)

Yuh-Fang Tsai

MS/CSE, Characterization and Modeling for Run-time Leakage Reduction Techniques, December 2002 (co-advised with Dr. Irwin)

Nachiket Shikhare

MS/CSE, Leakage Power Estimation Tool for CMOS Circuits, May 2003 (co-advised with Dr. Irwin) (with Cyprus Semiconductors, India)

Ananth Hegde Ankadi

MS/CSE, Variable Line Sized Cached DRAM, August 2003 (Software Consultant, NY)

Grace Eberhardt

MEng/CSE, Analyzing the Common Language Runtime, August 2003 (co-advised with Dr. Saraswat) (at SMG Inc.)

Christopher Oster

MS/CSE, A Workload Characterization and Performance Analysis of Multiprocessor Immersive Display Environments, December 2003 (at Lockheed Martin, Valley Forge)

Eric Swankoski

MS/CSE, Encryption and Security in SRAM FPGAs, May 2004 (at Naval Research Labs)

Kiyoung Lee

MS/CSE, Leakage control mechanism for FPGAs, August 2004

Swapna Dontharaju

MS/CSE, Soft error analysis of CAMs, August 2004 (Intel)

Thomas Richardson

MS/CSE, On-Chip Interconnects, Dec 2005 (co-advised with Y. Xie) (Availink, Inc.)

Priya Sundararajan

MS/CSE, Mapping Signal Processing Applications on FPGAs, Dec 2006 (Availink, Inc.)

Adil Sarwar

M.S./CSE, Performance Evaluation of SystemC and Verilog for RTL Synthesis and System Modeling, December 2006 (Intel)

Raghavan Ramadoss

M.S./CSE, Static and Runtime Optimization Strategies for Variation Aware MPSoC Platforms, December 2006 (Cisco)

Charles Addo-Quaye

M.S./CSE, Thermal-Aware Placement and Variation for Three Dimensional Network-on-Chip Designs, May 2007 (Co-advised with Prof. Xie) (Penn State)

Han-Wei Chen

M.S./CSE, Impact of Circuit Degradation on Design Security of Field programmable Devices, August 2007 (Co-advised with Prof. Xie) (Mahamedi Paradice Kreisman LLP, San Jose)​

Srinath Sridharan

M.S./CSE, Performance-Reliability Tradeoffs in designing reorder buffers, May 2008 (Ph.D. student at U.Wisconsin)

Amol Mupid

M.S./CSE, Variation-aware CAM structures, Dec 2008 (Deceased)

Kate Kilroy

M.S./CSE, A Signal Based Approach to an Instrument Driver System, Dec 2008 (Lockheed Martin)

Srijith Rajmohan

MS/EE, A Neural Network Based Classifier on Cell Broadband Engine, May 2009 (co-advised with Dr. Datta) (Ph.D. Student at U. Tennessee)

Aditi Rathi

MS/EE, A GPU based implementation of Center Surround Distribution Distance Algorithm for feature recognition, Dec 2009 (co-advised with Dr. Jenkins) (Tata Computational Research Labs, India)

Vikram Sampath Kumar

MS/EE, Connected Component Labeling on FPGAs, May 2010 (Samsung, Korea)

Jesse Scott

MS/CSE, FPGA based Image recognition, Dec 2010 (Heatfusion)

Dharav Dhantara

MS/EE, Accelerating Image Saliency on FPGAs (PMC Sierra, Allentown)

Ravindhiran Mukundarajan

MS/CSE, TFET Based FPGA (Intel)

Aarti Chandrasekar

MS/EE, A Fine-Grained Dataflow Library for Reconfigurable Streaming Accelerators (Intel)​

Kyle Wray

MS/CSE, A Game Theoretic Approach To Multi-Agent Systems In Highly Dynamic, Information-Sparse, Role Assignment Scenarios  (ARL)

Anusha Chandrasekar

MS/CSE, Depth Estimation using monocular cameras

Jagdish Sabarad

MS/CSE, A Reconfigurable Accelerator For Neuromorphic Object Recognition

Jagruti Mahapatra

MS/CSE, Prediction and assessment of ambient energy signals for energy harvesting systems

Victor Lyuboslavasky

BS (Honors), Charge Recovery Buses, May 2000 (at AMD, Austin)

Brandon Rioja

BS (Honors), Performance Tradeoffs in Client Server Partitioning of Java Applications, May 2003 (Compunetix, Pittsburgh)

Lan Vuong

BS (Honors), Dynamic Web Design for Multiple Platforms, May 2003 (IBM, Research Triangle)

Cedric Yoedt

BS (Honors), Soft errors in memories, May 2005 (Naval Research Lab)

Jacek T. Turowski

BS (Honors), Interfacing Multi FPGA Platforms, Spring 2007. (IBM., Research Triangle)

Eugene Gallagher

BS (Honors), FPGA-based LADAR Control System, May 2009

Brigid Smith

MS/BS Honors, improving object recognition performance through semantic context extraction

Joshua Snyder

MS/BS(Honors), Optimization and Hardware Acceleration of Consensus-based Matching and Tracking

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